Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A mouthfull

I am constantly amazed by the English language. I prefer to listen to people speaking Spanish or even Italian. The romance languages just do it for me. But since I don't speak either Spanish (I can ask where the bathroom is in like 4 languages though) or Italian I am stuck with good old English. Maybe one of the reasons I love reading is that I get to expand my vocabulary. Most of the words I learn I would never use in daily conversation, even though at times I ache to.
There are words that just feel good in your mouth when you say them out loud. Pie, for instance, is a really fun word to say. Not only is pie a delicious confection, it feels good to say. Seriously, try it. Obfuscate, serendipity, thrust, confabulation, kleptomaniac, and somnambulist are others that spoken (especially when spoken with an affected British accent) are a hoot to pronounce. I occasionally say big words in the shower just to say them out loud and not have people look at me funny. Because, really when are you going to have the chance to use the word plenary in conversation?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Gimpy in Utah and HEAVY doors

Since I hurt my leg I have become aware of more rude people in this Bea U tiful state of ours. Here's the scenario; Me struggling with outer door at Olive Garden (What?... It was really heavy!). Guy approximately my age, turns looks at leg and crutches, shrugs, walks into restaurant and lets go of inner door which I have almost reached. Then as I am leaving the restaurant there was a man who was in his mid to late 50's standing right next to the door and he just looked at me. Heather, thank heaven, helped with the stupid HEAVY door again. Can I just say ARGH! I never realized how inconsiderate people can be. After having a discussion with Kristy and my fab friend Heather, I guess we reached a consensus that people just don't give a crap anymore. It has made me more determined than ever to offer a helping hand to people who are in wheelchairs or using crutches, strollers, or carrying heavy loads/children. And to teach my kids to do the same.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Inagural post and the search for truth

As overheard from the other room... The girls are watching a movie.
Maddie "This girl is an idiot!"
Tori "She's not stupid... she's in Love!"
I am wondering daily how my children form their opinions of just about anything. Is it something that I inadvertently have taught them? I certainly hope I have not advocated anything close to the thought that one should act like a moron the second you feel all twitterpated. Is it environmental? i.e... their friends, movies, books that they choose to read? Or as she is in love, therefore it is appropriate that she should automatically become a brainless fool? Is it something that every teenage girl in the course of history just believes? Just putting the question out there.